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Main Image Hard Wood CHARCOAL

100% natural hard wood CHARCOAL for restaurants, home BBQ and narghile

- high energy with high fixed carbon
- dry, big, strong and heavy cobs
- no sparks and cracks
- odorless and smokeless
- less ash cleanup
- burns equable and long time without flames
- no radioactivity, chemicals, petroleum additives, paints or fillers
- gives delicious taste of bbq meal

BioCarbon's charcoal gives subtle smoky aromas with delicious flavour of the cooking foods ( meats, fish, vegetables, pizza, bread ... ).

Since 1997 we produce following products :

- Lump Oak Charcoal for restaurants and home BBQ
- Sawdust Charcoal for restaurants and home BBQ
- Charcoal Briquettes for home BBQ
- Charcoal for narghile ( shisha )
- Firewood Sawdust Briquettes for Fireplaces and Stoves
- Kindling for Fireplace and BBQ starter

Thank you very much for visiting our web page. Feel free to contact us with your inquiries, if you are interested in any of our items below :


Live Oak Charcoal lumpwood

Natural Charcoal for BBQ narhile

Natural Oak Charcoal for professional use

Natural Charcoal for restaurants and shisha

Natural Sawdust Charcoal for professional use

5 kg polypropylene bag with Charcoal

10 kg polypropylene bags with Charcoal

Charcoal into PP sacks

5 kg paper bags with Charcoal

Packed Charcoal into Outer sacks

Shipment Charcoal by Sea Container

Shipment Charcoal by truck

Shipment Charcoal by truck

Charcoal Bricks Furnaces

Charcoal factory

Firewood Sawdust Briquettes

Firewood Sawdust Briquettes

Workshop for sawdust Briquettes

Kindling ( lightwood, pine root splinters )

BioCarbon's charcoal factories locations
Products & Service
Type HS Code Description
M,E440290Charcoal for home BBQ and grills - lumpwood
M,E440290Professional charcoal for restaurants and catering - lumpwood
M,E440290Briquette charcoal for BBQ - oval shape and hexagonal sawdust with hole inside
M,E,I440290Charcoal for narghile ( Shisha )
M,E440110Firewood sawdist briquettes for fireplaces and stoves - hexagonal sticks with hole
M,E440110Kindling - fireplace and BBQ starter ( pine root splinters rich in resin )
( M=Manufacture, E=Export, I=Import, S=Service )
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BioCarbon Ltd.
Lozenets 10
Sofia, Sofia
Bulgaria 1164
  • Tel : 00359-888-520980
  • Fax : 00359-2-9625222
  • Homepage : http://www.biocarbon.business.bg
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    Mr. Export Manager
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     Factory  Export Manager
    Hissar and Tutrakan, Bulgaria
    Tel: 00359-877-520980 / Fax: 00359-2-9625222

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